Army chopper crashes in Abbottabad


Security forces cordoned off the area around Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul in Abbottabad after an Army helicopter crashed late on Sunday night, reported a private TV channel. There are conflicting accounts of the incident.
According to some eyewitnesses, they heard firing after which the helicopter went down near Bilal Town also known as Thanda Choa, a residential area, at around 1:15am. But others said the helicopter was on a routine mission and the Army personnel were busy in routine firing exercise. Reports suggest that the chopper crashed in an open space while some houses were also located nearby.
There are no confirmed reports of casualties of either the Army personnel or the civilians on the ground. But another TV channel said an injured army personnel was rushed to the Combined Military Hospital in critical condition. An eyewitness said the helicopter was hovering in the sky for at least 20 minutes, which is unusual in the area. Others said that they heard three explosions.
The security personnel and rescue teams rushed to the spot and barred civilians from entering the locality.


  1. Helicopter crashed in Abbottabad; reason of crash is not clarify yet. According to source, one security forces helicopter is crashed due to unknown reason forces covered the area and did not permission to coverage the media and also stop the civilians reached at the spot. The helicopter then came down in a plot. An eyewitness said that there were two helicopters one of…

    A powerful blast has been reported on Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul Road in Abbottabad here late on Sunday night.

    Pakistan military choppers have started flights over the area. No loss of life of injury has been reported in the incident so far.

    Some unconfirmed reports suggested that a military helicopter has crashed on PMA Road, causing a powerful blast. But the report has yet to be endorsed by official sources.

    Rescue and relief services have been kicked start as law enforcement personnel have converged to the incident site in a big number and placed around a strict cordon.

    Sardar Sajjad Ahmed Khan
    Candidate of PF-48
    Abbottabad Pakistan

    • The word is that Usama Bin Laden has been killed and body extracted from his Abbottabad compound.

  2. i heard the voice of blast around 1:15 am in latenight but not confirmd abut osama bin ladin death what's he doing here

  3. Pakistan should hand over that chopper piece to China for back engineering in retaliation for the US breaching Pakistan's sovereignty.

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