Hospital admin, YDA lock horns on ‘NGO’s medicine’


The Services Hospital administration and young doctors locked horns on Saturday after the management allegedly broke into a doctor’s room to confiscate medicines, Pakistan Today has learnt. A scene was created at Services Hospital when young doctors surrounded the medical superintendent’s (MS) office to protest against the breaking into Assistant Professor Dr Irfan’s room in the doctor’s hostel. Dr Nasir of the Young Doctors’ Association (YDA) said that the MS and deputy medical superintendent (DMS) broke into Irfan’s room to confiscate illegal medicines.
He said that Irfan runs a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and all medicines in the room were not from any government hospital and belonged to the NGO. Nasir said that when young doctors gathered at the MS office to protest against the action, which compromised “dignity” of doctors, “the clerical staff also beat some of the doctors present on the scene”. He said that after the situation became clear that the medicines belonged to the NGO, the MS gave a written statement that it was a ‘misunderstanding’.
The YDA member said that it was the government’s “ploy” to divide the medical community by pitting pharmacist against doctors, but the YDA has “categorically” maintained that there is no “fight” amongst the community and now “things are normal”. The Services Hospital MS was not available for comment while the DMS refused to comment on the issue.