WAPDA House under rat attack


WAPDA House’s employees are reeling from shock as the building is under a rat attack nowadays. The building has become a breeding place for rats. So scared are WAPDA employees that they don’t keep their foodstuffs in their rooms. The seven-storey building with a basement has around 1,000 rooms and is considered one of the most important buildings of the city. WAPDA House was built in the 1960s by American architect Edward D. Stone.
It has been a tourist attraction since then. Being the headquarters of WAPDA, it has offices of WAPDA chairman, MD PEPCO and heads of various power companies. Almost all the floors have come under attack. Rats not only nibble food but also chew files and cables, not sparing even photo copiers, computers and stationery. WAPDA officials say they have tried to kill the rats using different methods, but in vain. They say the rats raid the building after office timings and sometimes even during office hours.
“We never leave food in drawers or cupboards for fear of rats,” said a WAPDA official. “Calling WAPDA House a breeding place for the rats will not be understatement,” he said, adding even mousetraps don’t work since the rats are too clever to fall into such traps. “The Ministry of Water and Power is blamed for delays in building new dams. The rats could be held responsible for this delay, as often our routine work gets disturbed due to rat attacks, said a WAPDA official. “My senior asked me for a file but when I opened the cupboard I came to know that the file has been chewed by the rats.”
Another employee said that the rats eat even soaps in the bathrooms. He said that he was working on a project in his office but a rat cut his computer mouse cable and he had to wait an hour to get another mouse. He said rats roam freely all over the building. “Once I have to stay late in the office and I saw many rats running on the floor,” he added.


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