HAMDARD UNIVERSITY’S 15TH CONVOCATION – ‘Peace can be achieved through books, not bombs’


KARACHI – “Peace can be achieved through books, not bombs,” Hamdard University Chancellor Senator SM Zafar said on the occasion of the university’s 15th convocation. Zafar said some people think that terrorism could be controlled by strengthening the law, the secret agencies and the judicial system. In his view, however, terrorism could be curbed by spreading education in the country. He said that there is a shortage of funds and knowledge in the country, and that the nation is lagging behind in education.
“However, renowned universities of the world, such as Harvard and Oxford, are attempting to spread education in other countries. More than 20 such universities are operating in China,” he added. The senator said that India is also mulling over this opportunity and the Indian lawmakers have formulated a law in this connection for facilitating foreign universities to operate in India.
“We should also think along these lines and formulate necessary laws in this regard,” he added.
He said that Pakistani students who spend huge sums of money to study at foreign universities would get relief and a good education in their own country for lesser fees. A total of 1,388 degrees were awarded at the convocation. Gold medals were awarded to 33 students for best academic performance, and Shaheed Hakim Muhammad Said gold medals were awarded to eight best students of the university.
The senator said that in the future, the university’s degrees would be computerised and then uploaded to the Internet to avoid the possibility of someone possessing a fake Hamdard University degree. However, he added, no one with a bogus Hamdard University degree has been discovered so far.
Hamdard Foundation Pakistan President Mrs Sadia Rashid delivered a vote of thanks. Besides, nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, the elite of the city, foreign diplomats, educationists, parents, teachers, students and other distinguished guests also attended the event.