Karachi Transit Plan


It is now over 45 years that Karachi Mass Transit Plan was made and 30 years before similar plan for Lahore was announced to provide enviable rapid transport facilities to the general public. These projects which were for the benefits of ordinary people have been not implemented by various governments. It seems that the governments have been without vision and intention to serve the interest of the people.

If the nation can afford to spend billions of dollars for developing nuclear bomb and other war equipments, why it cannot have money to implement the projects of general public benefits. Many developing cities such as Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Tehran, Dubai and Cairo have built underground and rapid transport systems but our projects remain on paper even after spending billion of rupees on survey and feasibility reports. At present the traffic jams on roads have reached their peak. Billion of dollars are being spent by cars owners in fuel consumption charges. The government can save these billions of dollars on the import of petroleum products.