Sunday bazaars deserted as severe cold descends


LAHORE – Vegetable and fruit prices fell at Sunday bazaars while people chose to stay at home due to severe cold and fog. Vegetable prices including onion, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes and peas decreased while prices of fruits including apples, bananas and oranges also declined.
A majority of Sunday bazaars established in Model Town, Green Town, Johar Town, Shadman, Allama Iqbal Town, Shalimar Gardens and the Wahdat Road witnessed very low number of customers. Vendors complained that they also a hard day due to cold weather. “It was difficult to wake up early in the morning, come to the main market, purchase vegetables and sell them at Sunday bazaars in such a harsh weather,” said vegetable vendor Shaukat Ali adding that although vegetable prices decreased by Rs 2 to 10 per kilogramme but very few customers were seen all day around.
He said that usually a rush was witnessed al soon as a new month started but things were the opposite this time around. Another vegetable seller Abdul Kareem said that usually he had 60 to 70 customers on Sundays but this week, only 40 to 50 people visited his stall. “It was difficult to wait for customers when the weather is very cold,” he lamented.
More women visited the bazaars while men preferred staying back home. Customers said that they were least interested to visit Sunday bazaars owing to severe cold. “I was not willing to visit the Sunday bazaar but my wife forced me to buy vegetables, as there was a shortage at home,” said customer Tariq Mehmood at the Green Town Sunday Bazaar.
“I purchased everything in a hurry so that I can go back home instantly,” he said. Housewife Haleema Anjum said that shopping in such weather was very difficult but there was no other option. “We cannot blame the government for severe cold,” she said. Housewife Noureen Akram said that she enjoyed cold weather and was quite happy to visit the Sunday bazaar in such weather.
Sugar prices remained high in Sunday bazaars and the commodity was sold for Rs 74 per kilogramme. Customers said that the government had failed to control sugar prices. “The bazaar administration should check sugar prices, as it was being sold at higher rates,” said a customer at the Model Town Sunday Bazaar.