‘Parties politicising blasphemy laws issue for vested interests’


KARACHI – The government has not decided to amend the blasphemy law; some parties are politicising the issue for their vested interests, Federal Religious Affairs Minister Khursheed Ahmed Shah said on Thursday.
Speaking at a press conference at the Pakistan People’s Party Media Cell, Shah said he was a responsible representative of the government and had already clarified the government’s position on the floor of the National Assembly that the government does not intend to bring any bill regarding changes in the blasphemy law.
He asked religious leaders to announce withdrawal of the strike call for today (Friday, December 31) as it would not be justified after the government’s assurance.
He advised the religious leaders to choose any other ground for their politics instead of using religion for their political interests.
“I had also asked Maulana Fazlur Rehman during my last meeting with him that when the government is not proposing any bill for changes in the law, why do religious parties want to observe a strike?” he said. He added that it had become evident that those who had given the strike call are politically motivated.