US envoy visits flood-hit areas


KARACHI: The newly appointed US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter visited the flood-hit areas of Sindh along with his wife, Marilyn Wyatt, on Saturday.
They were accompanied by US Consul General William Martin in Karachi, and a group of journalists. A plane carrying the ambassador and the rest departed from Karachi and reached Pano Akil Cantonment. Munter also visited a small village near the town, which is still surrounded by floodwater and distributed relief goods among the survivors.
Munter said that it was an honour for him that American troops are helping the flood survivors along with the Pakistan Army. “The US troops were able to carry out the relief work because of the support extended by the Pakistan Army,” he told journalists.He also addressed the US Marines in Pano Akil Cantonment and praised their efforts in helping the flood-hit population of Pakistan.
Since September 3, US Marines with four special helicopters are busy transporting relief goods to 150 locations in the northern districts of Sindh alone and are also rescuing people stranded in the flood-hit areas. The US and the international aid agencies, which get a major portion of their budget from the US government, such as the World Food Programme, have so far provided over 20 million pounds of relief goods to the flood-hit areas.
“Relief goods are stored in cantonment and later transported to the flood-affected areas,” an official of the US Marines told Pakistan Today.